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Awarded the National Hualong ants of King Corporation:
Chin County demonstration bases to promote the project. Premier Wen Jiabao wrote an inscription: "To serve agriculture and farmers, promoting rural economic development and social progress."
Ants Wang is a company specializing in large-scale ant product research and development, sales in one of the science and technology enterprise entities. Company promotion, Polyrhachis ants development is the Ministry of Health only designated food and medicine used along with ants, which contains 50 kinds of trace elements, 28 kinds of amino acids (including 8 essential for the human body), vitamins and calcium, iron , a variety of mineral elements selenium, zinc, especially zinc content of the most abundant (zinc as the "flower of life" is the key substance of infant mental development, and effective prevention and treatment of Alzheimer's disease), rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, tuberculosis, hepatitis, hair loss, diabetes, insomnia, neurasthenia, menstrual disorders and other illnesses conditioning wonders. Ants can also affect the body's immune function, is a broad-spectrum immune function enhancer, or an immunomodulator, promoting organ function enhancement is low, hyperthyroidism immune function adjustment, to restore stability physiological balance, balanced nutrition, and promote the rehabilitation of various diseases, to achieve the best state. Its premier nutrition over a million animals, the twenty-first century, natural, pure green, pure black health care share.
Founded more than a decade, have been awarded "the contract and trustworthy enterprise" and "national crackdown Fuyou focus on the protection of enterprises", "national key corporate integrity", "Chinese famous brand", "rest assured that consumers preferred well-known brand" and "outstanding international enterprises" "Chinese people satisfied with the brand" and "Chinese famous brand" honorary title. By hundreds of domestic media coverage race.
The company has dozens of ants series of products, "Ant dry (powder)", "ant eggs dry (powder)" "King of ants black ants health Capsule" is a broad spectrum immunomodulator, yin yang, polish beauty, improve immunity. "Wang ants black ants health wine" Qufengchushi, regulate blood lipids, liver and kidney, improve sleep. "Ant God King", "ant Dragon" natural male kidney impotence capsules for men more robust. "Ants Wang oil", "ants Wang bones paste," "multi-functional physiotherapy Hualong hot treasure bag" used in conjunction with chronic rheumatism nemesis.
Companies follow the work of small businesses, large enterprises man, make excellent corporate culture, first-class brand companies do the law of development, we attach great importance to long-term building of enterprise culture. Adhere to the "seeking for human health" for the purpose, to "meet the needs of different consumers" for the mission, "as long as there are human beings place on the establishment of our stores," so that different consumers can purchase for their own price and quality and reliable ants health.
Company development, promotion of "Polyrhachis ant," the State Ministry of Health, the only approved drug used along with food ants. In the "Food, Drug, new resources Seminar" sponsored by the Ministry of Health, it is classified as food and medicine resources on new development projects.
We always adhere to "Ten forever" business philosophy, "get ready for battle, first to dare to" do the vast land of China King brand, to create: Ants health industry aircraft carrier!

Customer is always God staff is always wealth
Quality is always life always is the driving force of talent
Honesty is always the soul will always be to ensure that science and technology
Dedication to duty is always is always the pursuit of development
Compliance is always the goal of self-regulation is always the best
"Ten years through thick and thin road, with each passing day ants King" sun day sun goes down, and the king of ants every day a new image to the world, for human health, the company is willing to Wang ants quiet contribution.