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Ant Shou health tea

5,000 years ago, China Shennong have been documented from long before mankind began using herbal tea. And living in the Euphrates Su Meili Masato, history ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Indians have been documented in herbal tea history.
Ant Shou health tea made of high quality Polyrhachis ant, ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum, Mangosteen, roses, chrysanthemums and other refined from raw materials based on traditional Chinese medicine secret recipe books and forth; health tea is the foundation of TCM theory; its content is food and medicine homologous "food support" and "tonic", "food rule" nourishing, diet products, and natural herbs outside supplies and non-drug therapies used appliance products; the mechanism for the flavors of the Yin and Yang Yang of the five gas balance of yin and yang, or through the meridians, qi and blood, nourishing organs, Pei-yuan consolidate. They embody the highest standards of traditional Chinese medicine, that is, "died has been ill for treating disease"; representatives of the highest state of medicine, which uses food level disease, diet first; knowing committed to food rule; diet unhealed, is after life medicine, reflects the human pursuit of "back to basics", tend to return to a healthy nature. Not contain any additives, artificial sugars and pigments. Preservation of natural nutrients and flavor. For the body to add protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, zinc, selenium and other trace elements, formic acid and other physiologically active substances. With beauty beauty, nutritional balance function, is the best choice for your health drink.

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