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Health care and improve immunity ants capsule

First, the health effects of Wang ants black ants health capsules
1, to improve the body's immune system
Wang ants black ants health capsule contains 50 kinds of trace elements, 28 kinds of amino acids (including 8 essential for the human body), vitamins and calcium, iron, selenium, zinc and other minerals. Can improve the body's defenses, balanced supplement nutrients the body must. Ants extracted from the body, "ant yuan," the international market price, seven times more expensive than an equivalent weight of diamonds in South Africa, known as the "biological Diamond", "ant Yuan" component can stimulate APC secrete a variety of cytokines which regulate T, B cell function, play a strong role in the immune adjuvant. Which can catalyze the formation of antibodies in vivo and protect normal body function. Wang ants black ants health capsule can promote serum protein synthesis, increase serum hemolysin thereby enhancing the body's immune system.
2. The anti-oxidation, anti-fatigue effect
A broad spectrum of nutrients Wang ants black ants health capsules containing the desired material is the basis of human life activities, and, because the king of black ants ants health capsule is a pure natural food, and therefore does not have any side effects. Ants known as "miniature animal nutrition treasure house" and "natural medicine factory", ant vivo synthesis of a large number of high-energy phosphorus compounds (ATP) can regulate the nervous system throughout the body to adapt to the fast pace of modern life, fatigue, maintain strong energy, improve efficiency.
3. The anti-aging, health and longevity
A broad spectrum of nutrients Wang ants black ants health capsules containing the desired material is the basis of human life and activity, especially in the US, scientists from ant shells and wings, to extract an anti-cancer drugs - methotrexate different for cancer have a good inhibitory and killing effect. Further, since the black ants ants Wang capsule is a pure natural health food, so without any side effects. Since the zinc content of ants is extremely rich. Zinc was hailed as physicians and nutritionists "flower of life" and human growth, development, aging is closely related. A major function of zinc is antioxidant, improve the vitality of the body's enzymes to enhance the body's ability to remove free radicals, which effectively protected the structure and function of biological membranes. In addition, zinc is also involved in cell replication process. Therefore, an appropriate amount of zinc can delay cell aging process and prolong cell life. "So as to achieve anti-aging health and longevity effect.
4. Skin Beauty & Fitness
The high zinc content ants, can enhance skin elasticity, beauty, slow human aging process. Ant body contains more cursive style ants aldehyde radical scavenging feature physical junk skincare effect achieved through internal conditioning. According to the "Compendium of Materia Medica" records, ants have "Ze color, Qi Li" effect, from historical documents to verify at least: the ancient royal family of ants commonly consumed products, to nourish the body, prolong life. Wu Zetian, Yang Yuhuan, Empress are ants to beauty, polish beauty.
5. Equivalent broad spectrum immune enhancer
Traditional and modern medical research and clinical practice proved: Polyrhachis ants rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, tuberculosis, hepatitis, hair loss, diabetes, insomnia, neurasthenia, menstrual disorders, sexual dysfunction and other symptoms the efficacy of wonders, there are significant anti-cancer and kidney effects. Can enhance human immunity. Play aging, physical fitness, disease prevention, beauty beauty, longevity magical effects, can be described as a treasure of human health and longevity.
[Usage]: three times a day, every 3-5 tablets. According to need can be more clothes, better long-term use.

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