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  • Ant health products by consumers

    Handan Hualong ants ants Wang Development Co., Ltd. specializes in wine, dried ants, ant capsule, ants product research and development, sales in one of the science and technology entities, the following to share with you why the ants Health will be favored by consumers: Ants are rich in nutrients, but also enhance the body's immune system, its physical tonic action has increasingly attracted people's interest and attention. In recent years, many health care products manufacturer with ants as the main raw material, the use of modern biotechnology, develop and produce a variety of ant products, favored by consumers. Ants, nature very magical small animals whose ancestry can be traced back 100 million years ago in the Mesozoic. As environmental and historical changes, dinosaurs extinct gigantic body, and the body has become tiny ants on Earth the largest number of the most widely distributed organisms, showing its strong vitality. Our country is the hometown of edible ants, as early as 3,000 years ago, our ancestors began to try to eat ants, thousands of years, eating ants and ants health food practices widespread among peoples. As human-depth study of the ants, as well as modern science and technology, biotechnology and other high-tech applications in the health food, health food ants get more and more recognition, ants health popular.

  • Small ant treatment of hypertension

    Small ant treatment of hypertension Liao uncle, aged 70, suffering from hypertension for 10 years, the body is weak, frequent colds every year lose several fluid through the introduction of others, Zhang uncle started eating ant powder, adhere to six months, not only stable blood pressure, and does not often cold, health than six months ago, and now he often goes fishing or go Fuyanghe countryside near the theater, life indescribably happy.

  • Ants rheumatism

    I rheumatic diseases, after eating a lot of drugs have no effect. Since eating ant powder, the first month with no adverse reactions. The first month will begin to bear fruit. Only had two months ago so my legs do not hurt, my confinement, had leg pain, frozen shoulder, sciatica, back pain, leg pain now only not all good than other pain are good. This time to send money to buy a course of ant powder, now I want to thank the Swiss vigorously promote the construction of my cure many diseases.

  • Letter from the wishes of the patient

    Zhou: Hello! I'm your patient used the products, and now the disease has been good, especially to a letter to my gratitude and my case to introduce to you, in order to be able to advertise more patients. I am 58 years old, from doctors diagnosed 95 years in February as cerebral thrombosis, start taking a lot of therapeutic drugs, are not very good results, then went to stores to listen to staff reports, start taking ant powder, until now, very good. The original high blood pressure, high pressure 220-240, 170-190 low pressure, blood pressure is now normal, the original sleep sweating problems are all good. The original right of the body numbness, eating ants half feet all good, and now has been able to hand a pen and write, some competent housework.

  • I served wine ants cure ills

    I ordered a "retirement" the magazine nine years, and there are often seen in the publication describes eating ants cure disease article, although a small insect can cure many diseases do not believe, but still Each eat the ants treat the article with a copy of the book eleven and introduced to others.     Until 1995, I try holding the mood mail-order ant powder 1000 grams, and buy sugar peak, my husband and I take. My wife did not want to serve on the third day when asked to eat, and asked her why, she said: after eating, as if there is something in the throat tube crawled like, so do not dare eat. This is her psychological effect. I was directed by the data, instead Paojiu ant powder, 500 grams ant powder bubble 2500-3000 ml of liquor drinking. In the process of taking, we eat and go. This does not appear dry mouth, dry nose, abdominal distension phenomenon, and, just drink a little wine ants before they go to bed to sleep, with good results. Now my leg, shoulder does not hurt, especially my eye, much better, it was like have not thought of. I suffer from eye disease more than 30 years of history. At that time, the right-eye often tears, tears now less, less gum. My wife's body is stronger than before, with the spirit, and have the strength to do things is not afraid tired.

  • My illness has savior

    Henan letter Mr. Ma: I am an ordinary farmer in Henan Xinxiang, after reading the information ant powder dry ants about your medical treatment, began not believe, after mail-order clothes over again, over the years my lumbar and leg disease , joint pain, has been tormenting me, can not do heavy work, fatigue, dizziness and often, especially in the morning, wake up feeling dizzy, legs and feet lose control, vertigo, I felt something at the front is not normal to have a good long only slightly better for some time, sleep time, almost no feeling numb back of the head, see a doctor to take medicine injections, plaster, and everyone can only ease the above conditions, or even not much use, as well as how the stomach is not good, often stomach pain , bloating, abdominal distension, and therefore had to try to control the diet, but still be suffering stomach pain, if the unspeakable, the effect is very good from the service after a period of time ant powder, the above symptoms greatly improved, my illness has savior .

  • Xin Fengxia out of the wheelchair

    Famous Peking Opera actor Comrade Xin Fengxia 1967 due heyday of her artistic life, suffering from cerebral thrombosis, right foot and right cheek lost consciousness, mobility, life can not take care of themselves. 20 years, she suffered terribly for medical treatment, she had to ask the masseuse, visited quacks, orthopedic doctor, acupuncturist, even looked Qigong masters and female "God," but did not cure the disease.         April 1990, Wu Zhicheng to Beijing Xin Fengxia as medical treatment, after which he uninterruptedly for her mailing ant drugs, carry out consultation letter, from 1990, after taking ant preparations, by 1991, a year later, and finally achieved a significant effect she gradually recovered, the original face of her half decade unconscious, eating is not fragrant, now has perception, eating too incense. Hand and foot actions are much more convenient than in the past, energetic life full of confidence. 1991 autumn, CCTV organized disaster relief, Xin Fengxia attended school performances, in addition to the warm applause, and more are all amazed at the "ants Xin Fengxia body miracles."         In April 1995, Dr. Wu Xin Fengxia to write a letter, said: "The National Political Consultative Conference, many old comrades asked me what medicine, good mental health is good, I attended the last session of the CPPCC are in wheelchairs, this is Zhu the cane to go, caused a lot of old friends recently surprised Wu Zhicheng to Beijing for a meeting, the way to visit Xin Fengxia, she wittily said to him:! your ant poison rejuvenated me, 'Koji' Thank you also . "

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