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Xin Fengxia out of the wheelchair

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Famous Peking Opera actor Comrade Xin Fengxia 1967 due heyday of her artistic life, suffering from cerebral thrombosis, right foot and right cheek lost consciousness, mobility, life can not take care of themselves. 20 years, she suffered terribly for medical treatment, she had to ask the masseuse, visited quacks, orthopedic doctor, acupuncturist, even looked Qigong masters and female "God," but did not cure the disease.

        April 1990, Wu Zhicheng to Beijing Xin Fengxia as medical treatment, after which he uninterruptedly for her mailing ant drugs, carry out consultation letter, from 1990, after taking ant preparations, by 1991, a year later, and finally achieved a significant effect she gradually recovered, the original face of her half decade unconscious, eating is not fragrant, now has perception, eating too incense. Hand and foot actions are much more convenient than in the past, energetic life full of confidence. 1991 autumn, CCTV organized disaster relief, Xin Fengxia attended school performances, in addition to the warm applause, and more are all amazed at the "ants Xin Fengxia body miracles."

        In April 1995, Dr. Wu Xin Fengxia to write a letter, said: "The National Political Consultative Conference, many old comrades asked me what medicine, good mental health is good, I attended the last session of the CPPCC are in wheelchairs, this is Zhu the cane to go, caused a lot of old friends recently surprised Wu Zhicheng to Beijing for a meeting, the way to visit Xin Fengxia, she wittily said to him:! your ant poison rejuvenated me, 'Koji' Thank you also . "
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