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My illness has savior

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Henan letter Mr. Ma: I am an ordinary farmer in Henan Xinxiang, after reading the information ant powder dry ants about your medical treatment, began not believe, after mail-order clothes over again, over the years my lumbar and leg disease , joint pain, has been tormenting me, can not do heavy work, fatigue, dizziness and often, especially in the morning, wake up feeling dizzy, legs and feet lose control, vertigo, I felt something at the front is not normal to have a good long only slightly better for some time, sleep time, almost no feeling numb back of the head, see a doctor to take medicine injections, plaster, and everyone can only ease the above conditions, or even not much use, as well as how the stomach is not good, often stomach pain , bloating, abdominal distension, and therefore had to try to control the diet, but still be suffering stomach pain, if the unspeakable, the effect is very good from the service after a period of time ant powder, the above symptoms greatly improved, my illness has savior .
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