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I served wine ants cure ills

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I ordered a "retirement" the magazine nine years, and there are often seen in the publication describes eating ants cure disease article, although a small insect can cure many diseases do not believe, but still Each eat the ants treat the article with a copy of the book eleven and introduced to others.
    Until 1995, I try holding the mood mail-order ant powder 1000 grams, and buy sugar peak, my husband and I take. My wife did not want to serve on the third day when asked to eat, and asked her why, she said: after eating, as if there is something in the throat tube crawled like, so do not dare eat. This is her psychological effect. I was directed by the data, instead Paojiu ant powder, 500 grams ant powder bubble 2500-3000 ml of liquor drinking.
In the process of taking, we eat and go. This does not appear dry mouth, dry nose, abdominal distension phenomenon, and, just drink a little wine ants before they go to bed to sleep, with good results. Now my leg, shoulder does not hurt, especially my eye, much better, it was like have not thought of. I suffer from eye disease more than 30 years of history. At that time, the right-eye often tears, tears now less, less gum. My wife's body is stronger than before, with the spirit, and have the strength to do things is not afraid tired.
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