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We'll wishful Multifunction

This dark green jade it'll care using the finest dark green jade stone and steel. Health principle is based on more than 26 kinds of rich dark green jade trace element characteristics required for 6.73% of the activity of the magnet and the human body, it'll dark green jade magic magnetic effect, is a natural "magnetized water" on, not only can kill a variety of bacteria and viruses, but also to treat a variety of diseases. Long-term use of dark green jade we'll also care for the treatment of various disorders stones (gallstones, bladder stones, kidney stones, etc.), stomach problems, high blood pressure, diabetes and influenza, etc. are effective. For people who are not sick, they'll often use dark green can also play a role in disease prevention and fitness. Furthermore dark green jade contains 26 kinds of trace elements required for healthy body is a good complement.
[Effect] dark green functional jade utensils can be regarded as food detoxification detector, regardless of any toxins through the series of jade utensils detected at a glance. They'll dress with white wine or water, can be effective in changing water quality and quality of the wine, spirits and significantly reduce the spiciness of liquor, beer he'll install drinking alcohol, wall obviously greasy feel, from harmful substances into the body. Use black jade cup brewed tea, tea pale clear, flavor, taste more alcohol. Within a few days of the bubble tea is not bad, keep the original fragrance.

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