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Yongjian bodybuilding jade --- seasons like spring

Overview: Yongjian bodybuilding jade, called "drug Wang", now there are claims that the efficacy of jade, dark green jade is called mixed on the Compendium of Materia Medica. Seasons like spring, natural jade is open only to come out from the cut, is 100% natural ingredients, containing 6.73 percent active magnet and a lot of biotite, consistent with the human body far infrared 8-13 microns spread to the human body contains the required calcium, zinc, chromium, selenium, strontium and other 40 kinds of micro and macro elements.
    Adaptation: All personnel stones, gastrointestinal discomfort, cardiovascular, diabetes patients have a good supporting role, especially for various changes in water quality has a distinct role (cooling becomes the finest quality mineral water boil).
    Features: This product is cooked by water, small molecules, infiltration, high solubility, fast heat conduction, can regulate both, with sterilization, anti-inflammatory, anti-itching, detoxification, preservation, analgesic stasis, activate cells, corrosion, in addition to smell, you can remove the body of acidic metabolites and harmful substances, people normalize the body of water.
    How to use: After opening all the jade tea into about 6 pounds can boil water in a container with water covering about one centimeter jade was boil five minutes into the cooled container into the bottle, it can be used for sterilization, anti-inflammatory, analgesic use, the second boil water can make tea; the bubble tea, coffee all add to delicious effect. Water quality good areas one week cleaned once (with a toothbrush brush material adhered jade, poor water quality in the area from time to time to clean, wash the substance is found to have adhered to, in order to maintain the natural color of jade (black) is preferred.

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