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Ant products industry attributes: food, drug use either.
Ant species around the world: more than 16,000 species, China has more than 2,000 species.
93 years, the national "Food, Drug, new resources Seminar", Ministry of Health, the only approved "Polyrhachis ants" for the Food and Medicine ants.
 Ants Food and Drug Applications history: The earliest documented is "Zhou - day official" and "Book of Rites - is within." The first word of the book "Ya" recorded Zhou Dynasty emperors as a personal collection of ants as sauce for their consumption. Tang Dynasty "recorded in Ling differences" reads:. "Halogen thought sauce, or cloud taste exactly like meat, also can not have a non-noble" Southern Song Dynasty poet Lu "old school Om notes": "The man in the mountains between Canton digging large ant eggs for the sauce, solid food that carry three generations ago. "
 Li in his masterpiece, "Compendium of Materia Medica" on the ants food and medicine, made a detailed description of the sexes. First Emperor, Kangxi and Qianlong etc. edible ant sauce. Wu, Yang, Empress ants beauty polish beauty.
 Modern biologists study found that, so far not been found suffering from infectious diseases history ants, ants have strong vitality. These specific features attention of many experts. To uncover the mystery of ants, Beijing Medical University, China Union Medical University, Shanghai Institute of Animal medicinal, Air Force Medical College, dozens of research institutes made a lot of tests and clinical trials. After testing ants found the body contains 70 kinds of nutrients, protein content of 42% -69%, which is twice as much beef. Containing 28 kinds of amino acids, the body must be eight kinds of it are present, and vitamin A, vitamin B1, B2, B12 and vitamin C, D, E and so on; two dozen containing trace minerals, including calcium, iron , phosphorus, selenium, zinc, especially zinc content of the most abundant. Per 1 kg of zinc amounted to 230 mg -285 mg. Per 100 grams of ants can produce 2720 kJ ~ 2929 kJ (650 kcal to 700 kcal) of heat, also contains a variety of enzymes, steroidal compounds, triterpenoids like.
 Modern science and technology confirmed that ants are "natural nutrition treasure house" "pharmaceutical factory." Nutrients ants leading a million animal species. Unilateral disease clinically proven efficacy ant products and compound products for rheumatism, arthritis, tuberculosis, cancer, hepatitis, hair loss, diabetes, sexual dysfunction, Alzheimer's disease, cerebrovascular disease, stroke sequelae, asthma and other wonders.
Chinese medicine of analysis: Polyrhachis ants quintana dark, beginning with its salty taste sour after oct. Hepatic sour, salty into the kidney, black owned by the odd, non-toxic things, sentient flesh and blood products, Gong trespassing kidney tonic, conditioning by odd syndrome differentiation in incurable diseases, miraculous visible. Pests away channeling found tick, with its taste spicy, so do gas and blood, mild persistent, no disadvantages too dry, wet humble ant raw land, rarely suffer disease, the Health and magic anti evil.
Chinese diet analysis: Since ancient times, is the ant diet treasures.
 Ants pharmacological effects: anti-inflammatory, sedative, analgesic, anti-asthmatic, antispasmodic, liver, broad spectrum immune efficiency, immune regulation, sexual enhancement, anti-aging, life extension, anti-epileptic, anti-convulsant, and enhance red blood cell deformability , inhibition of gastric acid secretion and prevent a wide range of pharmacological effects of stress ulcers. Chinese diet analysis: Since ancient times, is the ant diet treasures.
Ant body: liver and kidney tonic, conditioning by odd, qi and blood, swelling detoxification;
Ant eggs: kidney, qi and blood, prolactin, Chak Yan beauty;
Ants: Yijing, bone health, gluten strong force, Xing Yang Road, treatment and wasting, yin qi, the Health and body fluid, kidney and spleen, warm and cold, promoting blood circulation network, regulating yin and yang balance.
Ants eat: the world now four dishes: ants, snails, centipedes, earthworms.
Ant biologists study abroad prove the nutritional value in animal foods is outstanding.
Wine, the staple food, dishes Product description:
(1) Tea Series: Ants Shou beauty tea, ants Shou health tea, tea Xuanju lentils, Xuanju pig pancreas, arrowroot powder, tea and other valuable health tea.
(2) Wine Series: Ants King Ofu wine, wine Wang ants, black ants health liquor, wine ants Wang yin, yang wine, qi liquor, wine beauty, UFA wine, Yu Ye Wang ants ants Wang also less liquid, hundreds of species of ants Wang bone wine.
(3) food series: ants on the tree, Xuanju ball, Xuanju lion head, braised acid ant eggs, ants, fish sauce, sesame bars, soft fried lotus seed paste ant heap, shamisen ant eggs, yam pills ant, ant tofu stew meat Mo couscous, ants fried bitter gourd, chive fried ants, ants fried garlic, celery, sesame oil and other Xuanju hundreds.
(4) staple Series: ant powder yam buns, ants date cake, pickled vegetables Xuanju face, diamond dumplings, chive cake ants, ant Chuan Jiao cake, magic barley, King Dousha, moon cake ants, ant egg noodles of brain cake and dozens of species.
(5) Hot Pot Series: Loach cook ants, ant Cordyceps stewed rooster, ants chrysanthemum jump Dragon, Xuanju wolfberry stewed sheep brain.
(6) soup, porridge Series: ant sauce porridge, ants tofu soup, mushroom soup ants wolfberry, ginseng flower Xuanju yam soup, lily porridge ants, ant pig spinal soup, walnut porridge ants, ant soup dozen.
Roundup: ant products for the crowd, a very wide industry.