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Black ants therapeutic efficacy

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The effectiveness of black ants
Ants sweet flat non-toxic, sour, salty sense, there is a gentle nourishing nutrition to share reputation with righting, longevity, kidney yang, nourishing the nerves, strong bones and muscles, rheumatism, beauty, liver, brunette hair growth, improve immune force Mian, anti-fatigue, Qi Li, enhance sexual function, help sleep and other effects. Ants are statutory provisions of the State Ministry of Health, medicinal and edible animals, either as a clinical use, but also for food, can fully complement the personal needs of the various nutrients, play a role in health care. Ant body is rich in protein and amino acids, the body contains 70 kinds of nutrients needed by the body, wherein the protein content as high as 42-67%, 19 kinds of enzymes and coenzyme, 28 kinds of free amino acids, growth hormone, interferon, which 8 amino acids necessary for human body is complete, the ants also contain high-energy phosphorus-containing compound adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and ants aldehyde, formic acid, etc., the human body contains the necessary trace elements selenium, manganese, zinc, phosphorus, calcium and a variety of minerals vitamin B1, B2, B12, A, C, D, E, etc., and a variety of alkaloids, the highest zinc content with ants, ants every kilograms of 230 to 280 mg of zinc, and these ingredients is the anti-rheumatic, anti-inflammatory , liver, pain, inhibit tumor necessary, ants high zinc property is just the treatment of severe zinc deficiency disease, valuable ingredients rheumatoid arthritis.
Young students can take supplements of nutrients at the same time, can improve intelligence and memory, promote physical development, increased stature, Miss take to skin care, whitening, beauty, beauty, speckle, conditioning gynecological diseases; men taking impotence, Jianshen improve sexual function, the elderly use can prolong life, improve immunity, enhance physical fitness is not easy to cold, energetic, hands and feet of natural activity, increased appetite, sleep stability. Practice has proved that: the ant is a potent immune enhancer, anti-aging agent, a sexual enhancer function, immune modulators. After taking a dose, can improve the nutritional status, body balance of yin and yang, blending blood, play a therapeutic role in the fitness basis.
Black ants use:
First, oral
3 times a day ant powder, each about 5 grams. After meals. Add milk and sugar, add eggs and honey with everyone love to eat, but also can be made into a paste food: black sesame paste, lotus root starch, rice flour, wheat flour, Qianfen like paste to facilitate the entrance, taking without chewing. Ant powder can also reconcile into flour with salt and add onions produced edible egg cake
Second, Paojiu
Ants generally for dry sparkling wine to drink. Per jin dry ants can soak 5--6 jin liquor, the degree of alcohol is 50 degrees, the bubble can take 20 days or more, the longer the bubble effect of throwing the better, to make the taste better, can be equipped with a little longan, dates, wolfberry, safflower, but also add some medicines. Drink 2 - 3 times a day, drink 50 grams --100 grams each, according to the amount of alcohol drinking may be, after the bubble efficacy no ants, because ants after dry sparkling wine by the active ingredients are released into the wine a. Do not dry ants chew directly into the mouth, and eat, too thick, not absorbed, it is difficult to swallow. Black ants Paojiu main effect is to Warming impotence, Qufengchushi.
Third, the capsule
With medical capsule shell of self-poured fried ant powder daily for 15
Fourth, cooking
1. Cooking cooking, where fish soup or braised poultry can put a spoonful of ants, ant finally soup with water and eat all the net effect as above
Ants take note:
Heterosexual protein allergy (such as eating fish and other allergies), or severe stomach with caution.
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