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To introduce you to the nutritional value of ant powder

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Ant powder refers Polyrhachis ants as raw material drying pulverized a health food, because Polyrhachis ants rich variety of significant help to human health nutrients by the people more and more attention.
The ant is a treasure trove of miniature animal nutrition and natural medicine processing plants, not only fitness but also treatment. Just a rigorous selection process and no environmental, pesticide pollution, no special smell (such as tail lift ants) ant, in strict accordance with the production process of processed foods and drugs, regardless of food or medicine are safe. Ants are widely distributed, abundant resources, strong reproductive capacity, short cycle, not only easy to collect, and can carry out artificial breeding. In terms of food processing and pharmaceutical preparations, should improve the process, so that people willing to accept. In basic research should further by efforts to explore the promotion of child growth and development, increase endurance and improve the quality of human health, anti-aging research projects. Experiments show that ants can "different diseases", both immunosuppressive and immune boosters. In-depth research, develop and apply ant is imperative. At present, China has more than professional Guangxi Heng pure ant powder products manufacturers, its sales accounted for half of the national market. Ants are very wonderful nature animal population, even a small ant can lift more than their objects weighing several times! Research on the latest scientific and medical discoveries: Stephen glycosides triphosphate (ATP) is the source of small ants produce a great effort, and allows cells to regenerate damaged; atrophy of cells be repaired! Physician Michael special anti-American Medical Association, said: "Stephen glycosides triphosphate (ATP) is the source of life; for food and cell nuclear power plants." Takeo Watanabe of Japan ant expert, said: "Ants in vivo there are necessary for human body eight kinds of substances, except water six nutrients: high-quality protein, low in animal fat, polysaccharides, vitamins, minerals and nutrients in the sixth to life (can prevent diseases of modern civilization, detoxification cancer, skincare chitin). "
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