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Ant powder nerves and brain nutrition, prevention and treatment of neurological diseases

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Nutrition nerves and the brain, nervous system disease prevention
First, the nerve, the cause of mental illness - metal poisoning (lead, phosphorus, arsenic, mercury, etc.); chemical poisoning; nutritional deficiencies, poor health, such as the lack vB12, v Bl; metabolic disorders such as diabetes, alcoholism, etc; cold invasion, qi stagnation paralyzed blood, microcirculation insufficiency caused by nerve or blood clots, nerve ischemia, hypoxia, edema; severe infection; mental stimulation, nervous system disorders, functioning disorders; traumatic brain injury; brain lesions; overworked.
Second, the drug (food) with ant nerve and brain nutrition, prevention and treatment of neurological diseases based on scientific
1. Scientific evidence shows that drug (food) with mother ants have calm, stability, antispasmodic, anti-blood pain, anticonvulsant pharmacological effects.
2, the drug (food) with ants inhibit or remove harmful heavy metals, toxic compounds, protective effects of nerve and brain.
Which contains - (l) of selenium could antagonize and reduce mercury, methylmercury, pots, lead, arsenic, snake venom role, is a heavy metal antidote to heavy metal binding excreted, not absorbed by the intestinal tract; zinc can reduce blessing on the body's poison; vc as lead, mercury, arsenic poisoning antidote; vBI lead poisoning can be lifted, so that lead quickly released from the organization, you can relieve alcoholism; magnesium can prevent the absorption of blessing; calcium can reduce the absorption of lead and Happiness; vD can affect the absorption and deposition of lead; VE can antagonize the toxicity of lead, silver, mercury, lead detoxification; vBI, vBZ, vB12 can enhance the vitality of detoxification enzyme; ant powder in vA possible to prevent carcinogen-induced chromosome DNA breakage and mutation; iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, selenium, germanium and lead interactions can be reduced toxicity; iodine combined with lead, so lead discharged from the stool.
(2) drug (food) with ant poison can inhibit the toxic chemicals. Such as: VE enhance bleach, pesticides, fertilizers and its environmental pollutants detoxification function; VE infringed liver, VE has a protective effect on the liver of toxic compounds such as benzene, have generated blocking carcinogenic nitrosamines effects; vBI can relieve alcoholism; alanine promote alcohol metabolism; vBI, vBZ, vB12 can enhance the vitality of detoxification enzyme; selenium could antagonize the body and reduce the aflatoxin poisoning; vc have block carcinogens nitrite amines effect; make key nitrite reduction to ammonia and lose their toxicity.
3, Wang Hualong ants ant powder containing neurotrophic, the composition of the brain. (1) vBI maintain nerve, heart, normal digestive function, Affected, causing a variety of diseases. Such as neuritis, neuralgia, ataxia, and other diseases. Lack the nerve conduction diabetic neuropathy
(2) v B12 to maintain the normal function of the nervous system, promote nerve regeneration and myelin restoration, treatment of neurological disorders, is caused by lack of the hematopoietic system and the nervous system symptoms, such as anemia, numbness, dysfunction, depression, hallucinations, psychosis.
(3) magnesium can maintain the structure and function of the central nervous system, inhibition of nerve, muscle mass
Mediated excitatory protect normal cardiac contraction; magnesium allow movement neuromuscular junction and autonomic cholinergic fibers at the tip to reduce the release of acetylcholine, it helps to inhibit nerve excitability and balance; magnesium can inhibit neuromuscular transmission excitability, a stop preventing magnesium deficiency causing trembling; anxiety occurs when blood magnesium decreased, excitement, epilepsy seizures, coma, delirium.
(4) manganese can prevent ataxia, neurotransmitters involved in central nervous system function and metabolism. (5) zinc can help brain development, improve intelligence.
(6) Copper may enhance dopamine p hydroxylase activity and promote dopamine synthesis; copper maintain the normal structure of the central nervous system, the brain can cause lack of cortical atrophy, neuronal loss, degenerative changes, and stellate gliosis, spirit retardation and epilepsy-like seizures.
(7) lack of iron can cause behavioral changes, reduced operating speed of the brain.
(8) of iodine is the synthesis of thyroid hormone, thyroxine to maintain and regulate the body's basal metabolism, iodine deficiency is often accompanied by mental retardation and dwarfism.
(9) can be converted into tyrosine phenylalanine, tyrosine, dopamine precursor materials, the dopamine generated by the reaction of tyrosine, tyrosine can also be converted into a tense confrontation medicine brain endorphins.
BU (10) key to prevent severe mental, neurological symptoms.
(11) potassium transport oxygen into the brain.
(12) tryptophan can promote the secretion of melatonin, regulate sleep, mood, enhance memory and thinking.
(13) PGEI there is calm, stability, anticonvulsant effect.
(14) Keng can regulate the central nervous activity, emotional stability can, for manic depression has a good effect, the role of a tranquilizer Ning Xin.
(15), a-aminobutyric acid acting on the neurons, inhibit nerve impulse conduction, and thus inhibit the central nervous system, promotes brain metabolism and restore brain cell function.
(16) vC are important ingredients involved in the body's manufacture of dopamine.
(17) Calcium neuromuscular maintain normal activities.
(18) vB family can help the radiation disrupt the nervous system to restore function; vBI, vB12, vE combination for the treatment of central nervous system damage, can promote the metabolism of nerve tissue and brain cells and restore its function; vE can improve the hereditary ataxia.
(19) arginine vasopressin by adjusting the cerebral blood volume can significantly enhance memory, prevent brain fatigue.
(20) atrial natriuretic factor may antagonize arginine vasopressin-induced brain edema.
(21) essential fatty acids can promote the development of brain neurons.
(22) Phospholipids are the main ingredients constituting the brain and spinal cord tissue.
(23) can supply a wealth of high quality protein.
4, Hualong ants of Wang strong efficacy against infection, nerve and brain protection. Because it contains cursive style ants aldehyde, it has a strong anti-viral effect; ant antibiotics can help the body fight a variety of disease microorganisms; ant alkaloids have antibacterial activity; drugs (food) with ant can supplement human interleukin-11, anti-viral, anti-bacterial action; drug (food) with ant can induce interferon has antiviral activity; vc has anti-inflammatory, anti-virus effect; zinc, VA have resistance to infection.
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