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Remember not cheated on health care

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There are a lot of businesses are the name of the name of the health care lecture, free on-site to send gifts, medical, promotional tools, to push the elderly health care products, than in rural areas want to have such a situation, rural people do not understand , gullible, but on how much we do not understand the specific price, the spelling of their so-called health experts invited commentary. The price of some health care products sold high, in fact, industry sources revealed, the health care industry is very lucrative, such as their sales, as well as the top manager in charge, and you as a customer to buy a total of over twenty thousand health products, which usually sell you a few courses, twenty thousand yuan for the sales commission should be at least about six-seven thousand, then they will have a higher level of commission, so you can think about how profits, they often are organizations of older persons to participate in health healthy discussion, the opportunity to sell health care products.
Such a situation here Please note that:
1, we must understand the truth of health health talks
Regular health regimen he will not sell products, and health experts will not go to a special table describes the effect of a certain kind of special products, their focus is to explain our daily lives in good health, of course, there will be health care products but not as a lecture topic.
2, the body in question is not if the health products as drugs.
Even in the physical examination, that their bodies have a problem when this is the case, you should see a doctor, do not put health products as drugs to use, it will miss the event of.
3, be sure to determine the authenticity of health care products.
Here too, the body in question is best to see a doctor, there are a number of home selling products of unknown origin, we have to be vigilant, it is best to verify all aspects of understanding to buy back, do not be fooled.
4, the best diet regimen is to start.
Diet regimen is very important, so everyone in the health effects of eating good start is relatively large, for some health care products, they can eat, but Kong Jiankang health or diet tonic conditioning.
Therefore, we should keep in mind the above points, you have to have a concept of health, health knowledge to learn, a long time that he is a health expert.
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