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Yangxueqingnao for the brain "oxygenation"

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The brain is the demand for oxygen in human organs largest organ. The weight of the brain accounts for only 2% to 3% of body weight, and oxygen consumption accounted for the total body oxygen consumption of the brain of 20% to 30%. 15% of all cardiac output of blood supply of the brain. However, the brain tissue itself is a little bit of material for the reserve, all rely on the cerebral circulation brings fresh oxygen inside the blood to survive and perform a normal physiological function. Therefore, the brain tissue hypoxia (ischemia) the tolerance of the lowest. If the oxygen supply of the brain is completely interrupted, 8 to 15 seconds will lose consciousness, 6 to 10 minutes will cause irreversible damage.
First, the body hypoxia will bring what harm?
Hypoxia is a hidden killer in the modern side. If a long period of human hypoxic environment, the body organs can lead to insufficient oxygen, thereby affecting the operation of the heart, brain and other vital organs, so that the body caught in healthy condition, and may even cause a variety of chronic diseases.
Affects the central nervous system: dizziness, headache, lethargy, unresponsive, fatigue weakness and lethargy and other symptoms;
Affect the respiratory system: the emergence of chest discomfort, difficulty breathing, itchy throat and cough and other symptoms;
Effect of the circulatory system: palpitations, rapid heartbeat or slow down other symptoms;
Affect the digestive system: the emergence of appetite, bloating, constipation and other symptoms.
At the same time, oral ulcers, throat inflammation, bleeding gums, dandruff, pale skin, mucous membranes and other skin wound healing problems may also be issued when the body alert suffering from anoxia. Long-term hypoxia can also cause decreased immunity, colds. People with heart or lung disease, is also more likely to relapse or exacerbation of symptoms.
Second, the prevention of brain hypoxia healthy lifestyle:
1, ground windows to allow air to circulate. Studies have shown that each time window ventilation, can be removed for 50% to 60% of the turbidity and harmful gases, help the body oxygen concentration above 65%.
2, potted plants placed in the room. Plants put in the indoor environment is clean air, a good way to produce oxygen, both natural but also beautify the environment. Alternatively foliage plants placed large, multi-leaf wrinkling, uneven surface of the blade, hair and more plants secrete sticky substances. Note that regular cleaning of dirty blades, in order to effectively play the function of air purification plant.
3, do more aerobic exercise. Do such as jogging, brisk walking, skipping, swimming and other aerobic exercise can help the body absorb more oxygen, while also effectively rid their bodies of toxins deposition.
4, standing Yangxueqingnaokeli, the brain suck oxygen. Is the body's red blood cells transports oxygen through the blood of the major media. In addition to the external environment caused by hypoxia, the main reason is the insufficiency of their own brain hypoxia occurs. Tasly Holdings production YANGXUEQINGNAOKELI with blood circulation, dilation of cerebral blood vessels, inhibit platelet aggregation, reduce blood viscosity, improve the function of red blood cells, increase cerebral blood oxygen effect, can effectively improve brain blood flow velocity and microcirculation improve brain hypoxia, the treatment of dizziness, headache, tinnitus, vertigo, insomnia, memory loss embolism herbal medicine.
Third, the daily life of the brain to do more useful thing:
1, fever. Eat too much saturated fat and cholesterol-containing foods can lower blood cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of stroke, prolong the life of the brain. You should eat at least 110 grams of fruit and vegetables, and choose low-heat, low-fat snack, choose olive oil as far as possible, Eat foods with high salt content, choose skinless chicken, fish and lean meat, fried meat is not the best.
2, weight loss and hyperactivity. Overweight or obese can lead to excess body fat, high cholesterol and tends to increase the risk of thrombosis, blood clots and is likely to cause reduced blood supply to the brain, causing stroke, and obesity also increase the burden on the heart, leading to high blood pressure. The weight loss can reduce these risks, so that the brain can be enjoying their later years. Exercise is the best health physician, is an excellent way to consume the body heat, reducing weight also helps improve cardiovascular function, to avoid the risk of stroke, the brain is like to buy a medical insurance. The best day for 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise at least five days a week. Exercise can diversify, such as dancing, walking, brisk walking, swimming, cycling and so on.
3, limit alcohol to quit. The main components of wine ethanol can reduce myocardial contractility, drinking too easily lead to accidents myocardial infarction, hypertension and stroke, but also easy to excessive intake of calories and increase the risk of obesity. Alcohol limit is equivalent to a brain accident insurance, daily alcohol consumption should not be more than two drinks for men and women, respectively, and 1 cup (1 glass of wine is equivalent to 340 grams of beer, 142 grams of red wine or white wine 42.5 g). Smoking is the largest preventable stroke risk factors, cigarettes will continue to squeeze their health wealth in which carbon monoxide and lead to vascular narrowing Nicolas wins, increased risk of blood clots, to the detriment of the cardiovascular system. Therefore, smoking cessation is the wealth to buy their own health insurance.
4, medication. If the stroke has occurred, ensure rational use of drugs is the brain's health insurance. Studies have shown that Salvia can be cured congestion, new health and blood; thirty-seven good effect blood, scattered blood, blood stasis are herbal in the name of the drug. Salvia Notoginseng has antioxidant, protecting vascular endothelium, prevent atherosclerosis role. Tasly CSDP production is proprietary Chinese medicines, a large number of clinical data suggest that it can effectively dilate blood vessels, increase the role of high body anticoagulation capacity, inhibit thrombosis, achieve the purpose of protecting endothelial cells. Dizziness, headache symptoms can fit YANGXUEQINGNAOKELI taking.
The last person to remind dizziness, headache and other sub-health state, be sure to choose a pure traditional Chinese medicine preparation Yangxueqingnaokeli, it has no side effects, can be long-term use. Especially for long been engaged in intellectual work in enclosed, air-conditioned office owners, the YANGXUEQINGNAOKELI more effective is to help the brain "oxygenating" standing drugs.
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