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Seventeenth ant powder significant effect on the human body

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Ants are arthropods door, insect mesh, Formicidae, ants drug called "black horse", Shape: ant body smooth or pubescent, spines, stripes, textured, engravings and nubs. Ant body colors are black, yellow, brown, red, and dark green blue, red sandalwood, cinnamon and red, red and black, black and blue mixed color. Different types of ant body size is very poor, usually a few millimeters in length, the smaller the world of ants to the number of the type known "thief ants ant species", which is only about 2 mm in length.
Ant's body is divided into head, thorax, abdomen three parts, six foot, thin and flexible body wall, there Hymenoptera, hard and brittle. Many changes in the head, usually on large. Head and body weight compared to the most important in terrestrial animals. Sexual and asexual female ant antennae are geniculate, male ants antennae simple, 4-13 knots. Compound eyes small, retreat, sometimes completely absent. Monocular 3, located on top of the head, no ants or monocular. Mouthparts developed, degradation of the upper lip, palate a variety of shapes, wide and large, long or short, there are straight or curved, or simple teeth, jaw normal, Section 1-6. Leaves simple inner jaw. There must lower lip, chin Asia, there are a lot of explaining and two small lateral tongue; tongue at 1 to 4. Chest clear. The first abdominal segment (propodeum healing phase with thoracic elongated abdomen located propodeum after abdominal tip significantly constricted become petiole. Petiole is one or two, if two, which section II called after petiole. there are one or two on each section back tumor, or upright or tilted scales after section handle swollen abdomen is formed by a section consisting of 7-8 male ants representing a female ants section. abdominal stoma eight pairs. Some pronounce the case of a friction, a friction surface and a file handle after the first section after the section on the upper petiole constitution.
Ants are social insects clustered door, and strong love nest. Most species nest in the ground, and miscellaneous eating habits, general plant, both the meat. Nest with overlapping generations, within the same time Mishina (queen, winged reproductive ants, worker ants) have. In general, no obvious geographical and climatic conditions of hibernation or diapause phenomenon. Polyrhachis ants and other ants, generally nest as a family. There litter ant king (queens) and winged reproductive ants have one or dozens. Designed ants nesting, feeding, nursery, etc., the largest number. Nest of ants is generally 500 to 2000, a year can multiply the separation of 15 to 25 nest. Ants growth, reproduction temperature is 15 ~ 40 ℃, the optimum temperature is 19 ~ 29 ℃, below 10 ℃ the hole hibernation. Inside it requires air humidity of 90% to 95%, raising sand water content of 10% to 15%. Feeding ants must first choose a spare room from 10 to 20 square meters, or to spare scaffolding were reared. Current methods of rearing ponds bed method the four cylinder type cultivation method, indoor stocking method, box-type three-dimensional culture method.
To be more black ants adaptable, easy to breed, short cycle. To be more black ants belong to omnivorous insects, in captivity, the feed fed rice bran, wheat bran, soybean, bean dregs, honey chicken, and a variety of fruits and sugar into animal feed, such as fish, eggs and pupae meal, bone meal eggs, dead insects and the like.
Ant powder effect:
First, nutritional supplements
Ant rich in nutritional value, ant eggs containing 42-69% of high-quality protein and 28 kinds of amino acids, 20 kinds of trace elements necessary for the human body, such as zinc, calcium, iron, selenium, manganese; vitamins A, B1, B2 , B5, B6, B12, C, D, E, as well as triterpenoids. A total of 70 kinds of nourishing ingredients formic acid, cursive style ants aldehyde, and adenosine triphosphate.
Nutrients ant the most comprehensive, the most abundant, most balanced, the most biologically active, most natural, the highest rate of absorption, the effect is the fastest.
Second, anti-aging, longevity
Ants can activate cells, activation of cells, cell regeneration, improve the division of cell growth, delaying cell aging and longevity.
Third, anti-rheumatism, rheumatoid
Ants with formic acid, formic acid has targeted anti-rheumatoid factor, ants in wet areas will not have rheumatism, anti-rheumatic capacity, good ant treatment of rheumatoid effect.
Four, type II diabetes conditioning
Endocrine system function in diabetic kidney are generally caused by disorders affecting the secretion of insulin. Impotence and zinc deficiency-related, ants are rich in zinc, easily absorbed by the body. Ants have a role in kidney, can enhance insulin secretion, ant treatment of diabetes have a good effect.
Fifth, the liver conditioning
Liver disease and hepatitis B virus infections belong to the liver is the body's detoxification organ. Ants have a hepatoprotective effect, ants and ant element has the effect of anti-drug detoxification and detoxification, liver virus can slowly broken down and excreted from positive to negative.
Sixth, enhance immune function
The body has an immune function of the organ, is the body's thymus, thymus atrophy is an important cause of decreased immune function is decreased resistance, susceptibility to disease. Ants can promote thymus cell regeneration, prevent atrophy of the thymus, boost the immune system.
Seven, eye protection
Ant to good effect presbyopia, blurred vision, cataract and other significant effect. Pseudo myopia of 300 degrees below normal eating ants can substantially improve vision.
Eight, gynecological diseases nemesis
Irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, breast hyperplasia, gynecological inflammation, uterine fibroids, postpartum Queru like ants have anti-inflammatory detoxification, conditioning kidneys, effective and quick.
Nine, Beauty
Ants have a cosmetic effect, ant eggs benefits of God, qi and blood, Chak Yan beauty, vitamin C and ants yuan on the skin whitening effect.
Ten, enhance sexual function
Ants flat, tepid, salty taste sour, slightly spicy, with liver and kidney tonic, conditioning by odd, kidney effect is obvious, enhanced renal function, to extend the time of sexual function.
XI, cardiovascular conditioning
Ants containing adenosine triphosphate (ATP), can quickly promote myocardial blood supply and oxygen supply, the ants get rid of toxins in the blood vessels, soften blood vessels, lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood pressure.
XII osteoarthritis conditioning
Osteoarthritis, femoral head necrosis, cervical spondylosis, ankylosing spondylitis, kidneys ant can go, open up the body twelve meridians, conditioning Extraordinary. Ants can activate bone and joint cells, not healthy cells to restore vitality, promote cell regeneration, soft tissue cell function returned to normal.
XIII, asthma conditioning
Ants chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, laryngitis and so have a good effect.
XIV psoriasis skin conditioning
Such patients are the body of nutrients imbalance, skin detoxification phenomenon. Ants in the grass ants aldehyde body, with two-way immune regulation role in regulating the body's immune function, balance human nutrition. So detoxification function properly balanced, the ants have anti-inflammatory detoxification.
Fifth, anti-tumor, anti-cancer
Ants contained selenium can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Ants by expert clinical trials, cancer rate of 38%.
XVI adolescent growth and development
Ants complete nutrition, particularly high zinc content, zinc play a great role on the human body, usually teenagers severe zinc deficiency, zinc supplementation for young children grow taller good results.
XVII obesity conditioning
Comprehensive and balanced nutrition ants can recuperate balanced cellular nutrition.
Eighth, regulating sleep
Ideological pressure is too heavy, menopausal syndrome, the cells lack of nutrition caused insomnia, do not want to sleep at night, autonomic disorders. Ants can add vegetative cells need to adjust the stability of the nerve cells.
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