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Wang ants multifunctional physiotherapy bags hot

About Thermal bags
    Qilu civilization for thousands of years, Chinese medicine has long acupuncture, cupping, wax therapy, illnesses, the physical medicine.
    Hualong Hot Bag basis of energy conservation principle of energy conversion (heat, heat storage, heat) will wax TCM therapy, heat therapy salt infrared therapy and Western medicine theory combined with the latest medical technology materials production developed . The thermal Bag, once launched immediately by the friends of attention, much of Chinese massage, physiotherapy respected doctors and sauna, the massage technician. Its new, extraordinary and special, province, famous Quartet, to benefit the people. Back in 1993, namely the goods and the provincial Health Products Group jointly launched the "multi-functional physiotherapy waist", waist bags is Hualong heat hot treasure bag. Province Pharmaceutical Administration and has been recognized by the Commission experts. Zeng Yi Lu medicine Kam word No. 93024 and Lu Yi Xie quasi (93) No. 326 014 to consumers recommended. Now meet consumer requirements, reduce costs, save money and worry, especially the introduction of a separate heat bag series varieties for you to choose.
 Beauty care treatments hot ice paraffin heater relieving

    Instructions for use 
     First, the scope: expelling wind and cold, swelling and pain. Arthritis, back pain, frozen shoulder, cervical spondylosis, stomach, diarrhea, dysmenorrhea and other significant effect. (Special purpose) Aid cold: This product will be placed in the refrigerator, not excited by piece, do use ice packs. Cooling such as fever, pain, sports injuries adjuvant therapy, but also beauty, clear brain refreshing and so on.
     Second, use:
     1, excitation: when the bag is liquid form, with both hands thumb and index finger pressing bag inspired piece to shake the liquid Serve radiating crystals, about automatic heat, 55 ℃. At this point the best effect after rub soft (such as heating can be replaced Shoulu outside Gabe sets).
     2, recovery: After a curing shall be placed in boiling water (steam) for 5-10 minutes, until the crystals have completely dissolved (no residue drip crystal substance) is reduced to transparent liquid. At this point 100 ℃ can use hot heat, cooling or backup, using light excitation folded sheet can be automatically generated heat. (Used repeatedly more than 500 times).
     Third, pay attention:
     This product is non-drying, roasting, baked, grilled or sharp scratch, cooking mattress should avoid direct contact with the bottom of the pot of this product, in order to avoid damage to plastic bags, resulting in leakage and ventilation failure. Such as the use of microwave heating, add water in the vessel overflow of this product and should not exceed 100 degrees, 3-5 minutes to recover. This product can be used repeatedly more than two years, is superior to other types of heat supplies.

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