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Ants bones stick

This product folk recipe, choose Polyrhachis ant, bee venom and a variety of precious Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine using modern extraction technology, combined with the latest topical transdermal absorption of a new and efficient technology and far infrared biological magnetic principles carefully developed from the patch is the latest research of traditional medicine and modern perfect combination of product. Unique formula and process, the use of Chinese medicine external treatment principle, to overlay eradicates pain. Creating a new way to ease the pain of rheumatism, rheumatoid, osteoarthritis, bruises and the like. Chinese herbal medicines include warming meridians, blood stasis, clearance Holi, cooling pain, promote micro-circulation, etc., is not only good analgesic effect and permeability, non-stick skin, easy to use.
Blood circulation, Shujin network
Herd cold, ants bone infiltration
Traditional medicine, a unique set of square

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