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Wang ants black ants health wine

Wang ants black ants health wine specific effect
Liver and kidney Qufengchushi
Improve sleep regulate blood lipids
1. Qufengchushi
  Because immunity under long-term, coupled with the impact of the external environment (such as humidity and chilling, etc.) as well as genetic factors, led to the formation of rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, serious impact on health and even lead to disability. "Wang ants black ants health wine," which contains 50 kinds of trace elements, 28 kinds of amino acids (including 8 main amino acids essential) vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, zinc and other minerals, especially zinc the most abundant, and a variety of enzymes containing adenosine triphosphate, energy-phosphorus-containing compound, protein content up to 40-67%, it contains protein, amino acids and vitamins, rapid all-round increase joint resistance. Meanwhile, Polyrhachis or "natural medicine plants", in addition to containing rheumatoid factor alone, to cure rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis wonders.
2. The regulation of blood lipids
   "Wang ants black ants health wine" can promote the in vivo lipid and lipoprotein metabolism, but also in combination with the bile acid, cholesterol, reduce the absorption of lipid levels, thereby reducing blood lipid concentrations and blood viscosity, keeping blood vessels open, to prevent or slow down atherosclerosis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular morbidity. "Wang ants black ants health wine" contains a high vitamin E- radical scavenging experts. Free radicals attack the artery wall and serum unsaturated fatty acids, and then produce lipid peroxidation caused by cardiovascular disease. Vitamin E- can block the chain reaction of free radicals and play prevention of cardiovascular and vascular disease effect. Lipid-lowering effect performance in terms of lowering cholesterol and lowering triglycerides.
3. Kidney
    Kidney is the birth of the life of this axis kidney. "Wang ants black ants health wine" high-tech extraction Polyrhachis ant special nutrients as the main raw material, supplemented by a variety of rare herbs refining. It is rich in special nutritional act directly on the body's "axis of life" (hypothalamic - pituitary - thymus - gonad). Wherein the hypothalamus as human "body axis" in the first segment, on the one hand to adjust sympathetic stimulation of the renal medulla hormone activity, improve the fatigue condition. Special nutritional and direct role in the thymus, enhance renal dynamic. Special nutritional role of gonadal is particularly prominent, which can promote the formation of nitric oxide in the body, and can promote cell division characteristic. "Wang ants black ants health liquor" unique sustained release, energy storage through the day, can fully activate the body's own cell aging, repair corrupted cells, cause the body's own cells characteristic of the large population, savings. Make it play a more lasting effect, satisfactory results sustainable continuously, thereby releasing the symptoms of fatigue.
4. Liver
The liver is the body's "chemical synthesis" has exploded nutrition, detoxification and other functions. Once weakened immunity will form a vicious circle, seriously affect the physical and mental health, to work to bring learning and inconvenience, "Wang ants black ants health wine" contains 50 kinds of trace elements, 28 kinds of vitamins and amino acids calcium, phosphorus, zinc and other minerals, especially zinc content of the most abundant, and contain a variety of enzymes, ATP energy phosphorus-containing compound, protein content up to 40-67%, it contains protein, amino acids and more vitamins. Improve all aspects of liver immunity, give you a healthy liver.
5. Improve Sleep
      Due to intense social competition, fast-paced life, work pressure, coupled with the elderly brain ischemia and hypoxia, insomnia has become a common problem for human health and the work caused a great impact. "Wang ants black ants health wine" is rich in chitin (chitosan) and other substances by the brain regulate both excitatory and inhibitory nerve, improve microcirculation to regulate the overall function of the body, can promote brain soothe the nerves and promote sleep .

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